Library Usage Policies


Library Usage Policies

Library Usage Policies

Food and Beverage Policy

Food is not allowed in the Law Library. Beverages are allowed, but only in spill-proof containers. Beverages are NOT allowed at any computer workstation or in either of the Computer Labs. Smoking is prohibited in the Law Center facility. Violators of the food, drink, or smoking policies will be asked to leave and will be reported.

Study Rooms

The library has two (2) study rooms that are available on a first come, first served basis. These study rooms are designed to be used by a group of three (3) or more students. One member of a group may hold the room for a maximum of 30 minutes. If the group has not assembled after 30 minutes, the person holding the room must surrender the area and another group may occupy the room.

Personal belongings should not be left in an unoccupied study room area. Food and drink are strictly forbidden. Violations of this policy may result in the surrender of the area. When leaving the study room, please leave the door open with the lights turned off.

Faculty members may reserve study rooms by contacting the Office of the Director of Library Services.

Study Carrels

Study carrels are located throughout the library for student use. Locations include: the Stacks areas and the Federal Reading Room.  Every evening all library materials and all personal items will be removed from all carrels. Personal items found are turned into the Lost and Found at the Circulation Desk. Library materials will be reshelved.

Cell phones

As a courtesy to all library patrons, cell phone usage is prohibited in the library. Phones may remain on if they are set to only vibrate. Patrons must leave the library before answering incoming calls or placing outgoing calls. No exceptions.

Honor Code Violations

The theft or willful damage of Law Library materials and the willful failure to properly reshelf materials with the intent to preclude another’s use are violations of the Law Center Honor Code. Such acts are considered serious by both Library and Law Center administration and will be dealt with accordingly.


Patrons are asked to reshelf all Federal Reporters and US Code volumes immediately after use. All other library material is to be left on tables where used and will be returned to the proper location by the library staff.

Lost and Found

Personal items and books found in the Law Library will be taken to Lost and Found located at the Circulation & Reserve counter. The Law Center and the Law Library take no responsibility for the return or safekeeping of personal items or papers left unattended in the Law Library.

Missing Library Materials

Questions regarding items which cannot be located on the library shelves should be referred to the Circulation & Reserve Desk to determine the status of the item. Items could be checked out to another user or could be off the shelf for processing or repair. Items reported missing will be traced and the patron notified if the item is located or replaced.


Valuables such as cell phones, book bags, purses, keys, laptops and briefcases should not be left unattended anywhere in the library. Thefts should be reported to the Director of Library Services.

Computer & Online Services

Computer Labs

There are two computer labs located on the first floor of the Law Library to facilitate computer access for students, faculty and staff. Computer Lab 168 is located in the northeast section of the Federal Reading Room. Computer Lab 136 is located off the main library corridor, south of the doorway leading to the upstairs Stacks area. Both Labs are administered by the library staff.

The labs are open during Law Library hours. Lab computers require a valid log-in and can be used only by faculty or staff and students who have completed registration for the current semester. Students obtain log-in IDs from the Information Technology Department located on the 2nd floor of the Law Center during the registration process at the beginning of the fall semester. Library guests needing to use the computers can consult with the Technical Support Specialist located in Room 135 or speak to someone at the Circulation & Reserve Desk.

Food and Drinks, even drinks in approved spill-proof containers, are not allowed in the Computer Labs. A student who brings food or drinks into the Computer Labs will be asked to leave.

All computers feature Office 2007 software (Word, Excel, Access, Outlook and PowerPoint). Microsoft Internet Explorer provides access to the Internet and gives access to:

    • Email accounts
    • LexisNexis and Westlaw
    • Class related research
    • General information research

The Computer Labs are supported by the Library Support Specialist, the full-time law library staff, and student research assistants.

Both Computer Labs will close prior to the official closing time of the library:

    • Computer Lab 168 closes 30 minutes prior to the law library.
    • Computer Lab 136 closes 15 minutes prior to the law library.

Loss of Computer Lab Privileges

You will lose your computer lab privileges if you:

    • Reconfigure the operating system of any computer.
    • Use abusive language, sexually harass, or engage in physical contact with any staff or person using the labs.
    • Remove (steal) any hardware or peripheral from a workstation.

Public Workstation Use

There are several computer workstations in the Law Library that are available to the public to facilitate research and provide access to library materials.

The Law Library asks that you respect the following policies on workstation use:

    • The public computer workstations have been furnished to facilitate research and provide access to library materials.
    • All other uses, including email, chat rooms, games, and recreational web-surfing are inappropriate.

Law students may use the computers in the lab rooms 136 and 168 to check their email and to do Westlaw and Lexis-Nexis research.