3L Leila Arefi Accepted Into LLM Degree In Animal Law Program

Leila Arefi, 3L from Lafayette, has been accepted into the LLM Degree In Animal Law Program at Lewis and Clark Law School in Portland, OR.  In addition, Arefi was granted an Animal Law Leadership Award to help fund her tuition expenses.  During both summers in law school, she interned with Animal Welfare Institute, a non-profit which works to end animal suffering through the law. The University of Louisiana at Lafayette Political Science major hopes to secure a similar position working to advance the interests of animals through the law after she completes her LLM.

Regarding her future, Arefi said, “I would love to work with an organization such as Animal Legal Defense Fund. Ultimately, after the practice of animal law, I hope to acquire a property in the Pacific Northwest where I can start my own nonprofit animal sanctuary where rescue farm animals can come and live in peace and kindness.”

While managing the sanctuary, Arefi plans to drive into the city to continue animal rights advocacy through teaching.

Arefi is the founder and  president of SULC’s Student Animal Legal Defense Fund Chapter.