Journal of Race, Gender & Poverty Announces Student Publications for Vol. IX


Southern University Law Center’s Journal of Race, Gender, and Poverty is proud to announce that the following articles have been selected for publication:

THOSE LEFT BEHIND: Louisiana’s Evolving Approach to Sentencing and Its Effect on African American Children with Incarcerated Parents, Whitney Stewart

Reinventing the Wheel: Reinvesting in Louisiana Public Schools Instead of Charter Schools, Claire Caillier

The Miseducation of the American Juror, La’Deisha Woods

The Right of a Birth Mother: Protecting Women from the Choices They Made at the Cost of Their Biological Children, Collen Butler

Transitioning On-Campus Housing in Louisiana: An Analysis of Discriminatory Policies Trans* Students Face at the University, Zachary Harrison

The articles published in the Journal continue to provoke critical thinking and discussion, enlighten the community, and most of all, serve as a reminder of the world’s persistent injustices while encouraging the community to take a stand against those injustices.

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