SULC SBA president installed as student member of the SU Board of Supervisors, June 24


Jordan joins fellow board members pictured from right: the Rev. Joe R. Gant Jr. of Shreveport, Louisiana, and Dr. Curman L. Gaines of Alexandria, Louisiana.

Photos by N. John Oubre III

Jordan B. Franklin, the 2016-17 SULC Student Bar Association (SBA) president, was installed as a student member of the Southern University Board of Supervisors on Friday, June 24.

“I am really excited about this opportunity. My peers trust and believe in my leadership abilities enough to serve on their behalf, so that’s exactly what I will do,” said Franklin, a third-year student from Texas.

“My plan is to do whatever is necessary to ensure that the needs of our student body are met. I am here to serve them and I will serve diligently, tirelessly, and endlessly,” she said.

According to Chancellor John Pierre, Jordan has been a model law student and student leader.  “There is no doubt that she will be a valuable member of the Southern University System Board,” Pierre said.

In addition to her SBA leadership position, Franklin is currently chair of the Student Ambassadors Committee and a member of the Trial Advocacy Board.

Franklin plans a legal career in intellectual property law, entertainment law, and civil litigation. She says she lives by the late sophist Aristotle’s theory of success: “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit…”

Franklin is a 2012 graduate of Baylor University, Waco, Texas, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in philosophy, with a minor in religion.

Photo by N. John Oubre III                                                       

SULC professor Tracie Woods, general counsel for the Southern University System and Southern University Board of Supervisors, administered the oath of office to SBA president Jordan Franklin as student member on the SU Board. Andrea Love, director of admission and recruitment, participated in the ceremony.