SULC Policies


SULC Policies

Academic Affairs

Class Attendance

Computation of Grade Point Average


Credit Hour Policy

Examinations and Grades

Examination Conflicts Policy


Incomplete Grades

Laptop Examination Policy

Probation, Dismissal and Maximum Hours


Fresh Start Program and Reinstatement

Residency Requirements

Grade Appeals

Twenty Hour Work Rule


Tuition Fee Increase Waiver Application

Academic Support Programs

Guidelines for Accommodations or Services

Disability Policy Statement


Career Services

Non-Discrimination Policy

Communications and Development Support

Guidelines for Services

Financial Aid

Summary of Guidelines for the Loan Reduction Assistance Program

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Policy

Information Technology

Acceptable Use Policy

Desktop Configuration/Anti-virus

Disaster Recovery and Backup Policy

Email Policy

Web Content Standard

Wireless Access and Control Policy

Password Standards and Reset Policy

Sanitation of Data from IT Storage Media

Incident Response

Privacy Expectations for SULC Computing Resources


Library Usage Policies

Lending Policies

Copy and Printing Policies

Computer Lab Policies and Procedures

Student Affairs

Admissions and Recruitment Department

Admission Standards

Application Policy

Records and Registration Department

Add and Drop

Cross Registration Policy

Vehicle Registration and Parking

Privacy of Student Records

Student Affairs General Polices

Miscellaneous Student Conduct Policies

American Bar Association Student Complaint Policy

Tobacco-Free Campus

Disabled Student Services

Sexual Harassment

Gender-Based Sexual Misconduct (Title IX)

General Administrative

Intellectual Property Policy

State of Louisiana Office of Contractual Review Policies

SULC Administrative Staff Performance Evaluation Policy

SULC Policy on Policies